Base Livros KANSHIR INGLÊS vol1

Kanshir, the duel of golden warriors

Vol. I


In a remote time, somewhere, with a temperature of minus 30 degrees, a nomadic tribe wanders aimlessly facing all the weather and threats from wild animals like the lethal saber-toothed tiger.

At a certain moment, the leader has a vision in which he envisions the bright future of his people who, from that moment on, settle in that place for to build a city called KANSHIR. One threat, however, is clear. An invader with an army of countless warriors advances over the city walls to destroy everything, take their wealth from them and enslave their people.

The vision does not give the sage the exact moment when this will happen or show the winner, but it does indicate that they must prepare very well for this fight that will only take place hundreds of years later.

  The first step, however, has to be taken at that moment.

Base Livros KANSHIR INGLÊS vol2

Kanshir, the twelve destinations

Vol. II


By determination of PLARCKO the victorious king of KANSHIR, twelve groups of twelve men set out in twelve different directions to see the world. They should come back when they want to report their experiences to the Tork people who lived very isolated, with the only source of information for caravans that appeared sporadically in their city.

Twelve destinations full of surprises and dangers that add to the lives of the valiant soldiers of KANSHIR countless experiences of living with other peoples and other customs.

Tyrants, wars, slavery and the aggressiveness of the frozen territories of the northern hemisphere are mixed with the honesty, bravery, honor and loyalty of subjugated, but warrior, peoples.

The saga of the Tork people from the city of KANSHIR continues in this second volume of the trilogy of the same name.

Base Livros KANSHIR INGLÊS vol3

Kanshir, the mountain of kings

Vol. III


The return of one hundred and forty-four soldiers sent by King Plarcko to travel the world shows adventurers that their beloved KANSHIR has been taken by unknown invaders.

Once again the Tork themselves will find involved in a bloody war, this time to regain their city built with much blood, however, KANSHIR was almost totally destroyed and its people partially annihilated leaving few soldiers left.

The king himself was assassinated, having been denied eternal rest in the sacred MOUNTAIN OF KINGS and, therefore, was buried in a secret place.

It is a unanimous desire among all the survivors to retake their beloved city and take the mortal remains of their king to their rightful place in the MOUNTAIN OF KINGS.

The king’s heir, Prince Onkir and his beautiful sister, Princess Paloná, both survivors of the massacre, must lead a military action to achieve these goals.

Without an army and disorganized, Onkir is faced with an almost impossible task, and the only solution is to resort to the friends made during the epic journey of the one hundred and forty-four.